❗️ Beware of phishing emails impersonating AIDUS ❗️

Recently, some of AIDUS Token holders have received scam mail from the fake AIDUS mail account “support.aidus.io” as shown below.
Please do not open the attached documents in this case.
if you have received the following e-mail, please send an e-mail address to ‘info@aidus.io’ for researching of the present situation.

Also, we never send messages through private mail. You can always get all the necessary information through the abovementioned AIDUS official links.

If some information looks like a scam, please let us know about it!

Dear followers, please avoid FAKE AIDUS mail, bot or any other accounts! ⛔️
All official information is introduced on our official pages:

🔗 AIDUS Offical mail: info@aidus.io
🔗 Twitter:https://twitter.com/AIDUSofficial
🔗 Medium:https://medium.com/@AIDUSofficial
🔗 Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/AIDUSofficial
🔗 Telegram:https://t.me/aidusofficial
🔗 YouTube:
🔗 AIDUS Offical site: https://aidus.io

Be careful !!!

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