AIDUS Coin’s Target Group

Understanding of the target audience is one of the most important question of every business.

What users of AIDUS Coin would aim at? And how many would it be?

The target group of the AIDUS Coin using the ADFP can be defined as every individual or an institution that is wishing to proliferate their own asset volume.
The focus target group for the AIDUS Business is anyone interested in the asset management.
To realize how huge market volume of AIDUS Target Market is, let’s compare it with Gaming and Music industry.

Gaming Industry

- Target User: Gamers
- Market Volume: USD 108 Billion

Music Industry

- Target User: Users of various music contents
- Market Volume: USD 17.38 Billion

AIDUS Target Market (Asset Management Market)

-Target User: Individual or institution interested in asset proliferation
-Market Volume: USD 85 Trillion

Comparison of Global Major Market Volume

A huge potential of this sector is obvious.

If to be more specific, the target group could be categorized into individual and institution as per the table at on the Focus Target Group for AIDUS Business.
As such, potential buyers in the AIDUS Business is way far beyond the entire market volume of the cryptocurrency and shall basically be anyone active in the global economy.

Focus Target Group for AIDUS Business

The future growth potential of the AIDUS Coin starts from the targeting the global asset management market as its focus group.

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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