AIDUS Project Has Participated In The Most Prestigious QTS Forum “Battle Of The Quants”

· Reporter Ahn Hee Chan
· Publish date: 24.05.2019 10:44:1

AISYS Global (CEO David Chen, Singapore), which develops and operates AIDUS SMART QTS, a Big Data-based Robo-Advisor foreign exchange trading system, took part in the “Battle of the quants” two-day forum beginning from the 21st and placed in New York, as a special guest.

“Battle of the quants” is a forum attended by experts in developing investment techniques and related investors, as well as companies that operates a Big Data-based Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Trading Systems.

This forum has been held more than 45 times during 14 years since its inception (in 2005) and is known as the most prestigious forum in the field of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Trading System based on Big Data.

AISYS Global, which is serving AIDYS Smart QTS, after its attendance of the Family Office Investment Seminar held New York in February, is attracting attention again.

In particular, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ came to the fore in financial transactions; algorithm trading using Artificial Intelligence systems is becoming an axis of operation in securities, asset management, and foreign exchange transactions around the world. This is an analysis that shows that the world’s attention is focused on the stability and profitability of the AIDUS Smart QTS.

On the first day of the forum, AISYS Global received individual investment letter of intent from 13 investment organizations and held individual meetings.

AISYS Global team commented:

“The reason for AIDUS SMART QTS popularity in New York and in the world’s financial hub is a result of efforts to achieve a high yields based on long-term development, stability and transparency.

In fact, QTS has proven its superior algorithms, including stable and steady profits in the recent global crisis.

In the short term, the exchange rate fell sharply during the flash crash due to the Brexit Declaration in 2016, the announcement date of the US presidential election in 2016, and Apple’s sluggish performance in early January of this year. In this situation, it was found that the companies that provided the AISYS Global and QTS services were profitable.

February and until now, AISYS Global continues consultations with VVIP investment groups.

[Reporter Ahn Hee Chan]
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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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