AIDUS Project Urgent Notice

There are several reports concerning rebuttal of fraudulence of AIDUS Project

3 min readJan 21, 2019


⚠️Please check the notices below in order not to get harm damage from fraud⚠️

1. There is no Official Partner for AIDUS Project

❗️ Business policies of AIDUS Project and sales policies of AID TOKEN are unique rights of AISYS GLOBAL PTE., LTD. These rights could not be shared with other companies. In addition, the company does not carry out the business through a joint operation with a third part.

❗️ Therefore, business policies of AIDUS Project and sales policies of AIDUS TOKEN (COIN) are the only policies that AIDYS GLOBAL PTE., LTD has directly announced.
AIDUS Project does not allow external companies to voluntarily modify the policies, to delegate rights and to share roles with external companies.

2. For the diversification of AIDUS Project, regarding Debit Card (which is emerging these days) AISYS GLOBAL PTE., LTD is in the review phase now. There is no agreement with other companies to carry out the joint business.

3. Regarding AIDUS TOKEN (COIN) sales, there is an increase in the number of fraudulent activities that induce remittance by impersonating AIDUS Projectofficials, and we inform that AIDUS Project officials, regardless of reason, will never induce remittances.

AIDUS PROEJCT manages all business policies and sales policies as AISYS GLOBAL PTE., LTD and does not assign or delegate them.


🔹 Any AIDUS TOKEN (COIN) sales that violate AIDUS TOKEN (COIN) sales policy may be subject to strong sanctions without prior notice.
🔹 Hereby notice that AIDUS PROJECT TEAM shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the assumed official partner of the AIDUS PROJECT.

If you are concerned about damage or have any questions, please contact us through AIDUS Official mail:

Thank you,
Sincerely, AIDUS Team

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

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