AIDUS QTS Draws Attention to Recording Stable Rate of Returns Despite Changes in Global Situations

At the time of the Brexit, Recorded a return of 29.6% … even when the exchange rate fluctuated at the beginning of this year, it also recorded a 1.38% return.
The AIDUS project accelerates the launch of North American and global markets based on the stability of QTS.

In the interview of David Chen, CEO at AISYS GLOBAL, 2019.02.01

Trading Solution, AIDUS SMART QTS (Quant Trading System· here in after QTS) has been strengthened due to its stability in the world markets, including North America.

AIDUS Project (AISYS GLOBAL, CEO David Chen, Singapore) announced on the 21st that QTS, a trading solution, recorded high returns at the time of Brexit and the US presidential election in 2016 and during currency fluctuations earlier this year.

Specifically, QTS showed a 29.6% return when the FX trading fell sharply to 27% on June 24, 2016, during of the Brexit and gained a 9.2% return, despite British pound sterling plunged 14% on October 7. At the time of the US presidential election, FX trading had a fluctuation of about 15%, but QTS recorded 8.5% return.

In particular, in the less than six months from August 1, 2018, to January 23, 2019, they generated a return of 32.8% (IRR 65.6%) of the Angelvest 2nd fund by trading FOREX through their own QTS.

An official from the AIDUS project said:

“Most of the FX dealers around the world had got a lot of losses in 2016, and early this year when the exchange rate significantly fluctuated, but QTS recorded a steady rate of return,” and said “Because we showed the stability of QTS through real data, we expect that we will be able to gain more momentum in our global business.”

[reporter, Hee chan Ahn, MailKyeongje of Korea, 2019.03.21]
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