Dear users😊

In order to express our special appreciation to RANKCOIN and USERS who are interesting AIDUS Token (AID), we will have a special campaign to reward total 1,000,000 AID in which everyone who buys and holds a minimum of 100,000 AID will earn a bonus in AIDUS tokens.

Eligible Criteria: follow the instruction

· In order to participate in the campaign, you need to have bought at least 100,000 AID.
· Only the amount of AID bought on RANKCOIN is eligible for the campaign.
· The deposited AID amounts will not be counted when calculating the TOP 100 rankings.
· The bonus is calculated based on the amount of AID bought and hold over the campaign period.


The RANKCOIN Team will strictly investigate any cheating method, like withdraw, transact within same account, etc. Once discovered, the platform will not award activities. The final interpretation right of the event is owned by RANKCOIN. The distribution will be based on your eligibility on the day of campaign end. The snapshot will be taken on this day at 12:00 pm (GMT+08). Tokens will be sent to the participants in 30 days after the end of the campaign. Maximum reward amount is 90,000 AID per user. Dollar equivalent is calculated based on approximate current value and may be different after the listing. Tokens will be sent to your RANKCOIN AIDUS wallet.

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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