AIDUS Rating On Listing Sites

We are incredibly proud of the ratings that we have achieved from top cryptocurrency websites.😊

⭐️Rating on ICOHolder 4.15 of 5


⭐️Rating on ICOMarks 8.6 of 10


⭐️Rating on ICOBirds 8.3 of 10


⭐️Rating on CRYPTOTOTEM 8.3 of 10


⭐️Rating on ICOBliss 4.34 of 5


Thanks to every listing platform for support and high level of trust 😊

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※Telegram Chat Room operating time※
GMT: Mon. 00:00 — Fri. 24:00
USA (N.Y.): Mon. 19:00 — Fri. 19:00
Korea: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
Japan: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
China: Mon 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Singapore: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Hong Kong: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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