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4 min readNov 28, 2018


There is a new AIDUS review on Icoholder listing site. We are thankful to the author for that detailed opinion.

“The AIDUS decentralized fund platform intends to alter the current situation on the cryptocurrency and the asset management market. With ADFP (AIDUS Decentralized Global Fund Market Platform) investors worldwide will be able to check information on excellent funds around the world without the language barriers and difficulties in currency exchange, and small and medium-sized asset management companies will be able to provide their excellent fund products to customers around the world.


  • Three different business models lie at the heart of the AIDUS business: through the blend of QTS (Quant Trading System) which is based on the big data that has been gathered and compiled on 30-year long, FX Trading records and the AIDUS Coin-based Decentralized Fund Market, the final business model has been established.
  • Quant Trading System deserves special attention as it is an automatic fund trading system that can enable a continuous and safe yield rate through big data. It conducts the optimal transaction and generates the most stable profit by using the AIDUS algorithm. With QTS one should expect for remarkable yield (that will be transparently disclosed through certification from accounting and law firms), stability-oriented algorithm and low service fees.
  • ADFP enables the high-profit asset management through the proprietary QTS. The ADFP platform allows investors to become members and sign contracts with the asset management company to use the ADFP platform. At the same time, it does not engage in any contracts between investors and asset management companies at all. ADFP serves as a direct deal market, where all funds are traded only by the investors and asset management companies.
  • AIDUS Coin (AID) is a world’s first fundamental-based coin through the QTS asset management and a single currency for fund signing and redemption. It is a single currency that allows investors anywhere in the world to invest without worrying about currency exchange.
  • The platform will protect coin holders through a coin model that provides the coin with fundamentals. It will enable an actual usage of the coin in the asset management and realize its real currency value in such a way. With a decentralized fund market service, you will have a free access for signing global fund products and using various services on ADFP. AIDUS will provide various fund portfolios with safe and high in profit rate to the entire world.
  • The platform has a credible team on board with relevant skills and experience in the relevant and related fields enabling easy implementation of the project.
  • The project whitepaper contains all the important information, including the roadmap and development plan. Furthermore, it is available in different languages.


  • The project token does not give its owners a right to take part in a decision making process.
  • AIDUS develops a complex project platform, based on know-how and unique technologies and its release may be delayed due to unforeseen development challenges.
  • AIDUS whitepaper doesn’t contain information about possible risks, that can be, for example, changes in a legislation governing the ICO.


  • Motivate AID token holders by engaging in the decision-making process.
  • Develop the project, its services in order to provide a reliable and competitive product.
  • Rewrite the white paper in order to include information about all the risks for prospective users.


AIDUS platform was created to go beyond the existing asset management market. Until now, the problem is not the complexity and difficulty of the funds market, which resulted in low general investor contribution, the problem is lack of information and language barriers. AIDUS team wants to provide excellent funds information through ADFP to the investors in the word. If a platform that can be safe through the use of a smart contract based on a blockchain is created, the world funds market will enter into a new financial ecosystem in the fourth industrial revolution. Hope to see AIDUS in action, so I would invest in it.”

Cr: icoholder.com/en/aidus-27019
By Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website https://aidus.io