Aidus Token New Listing on Coinsbit

We would like to announce that Aidus Token will be listing on Coinsbit.

1. Website :
2. Trading Pair : BTC & USDT
3. Listing Date : January 27, 2020

WHY Coinsbit?
1. Coinsbit, which is located in Estonia, will be a stepping stone to enter the European market for services such as Aiduspay.

2. Traffic Analysis of Coinsbit
-Global Rank: 8,123
-Total Visit: 13.42M (4Q, 2019)

Bithumb :
-Global Rank : 18,726.
-Total Visit : 10.39M (4Q. 2019)

Coinbene :
-Global Rank : 174,172.
-Total Visit : 662,322 (4Q. 2019)
Date Source : Similarweb (

The traffic status of Coinsbit is higher than Bithumb,
thus we expect Coinsbit is a reliable partner for AIDUS’s advance into Europe.

3. Transaction Status of Coinsbit
-Ranked the 4th based on Coinmarketcap Adjusted Volume on January 20, 2020
-Trading Volume Proportion:
Bitcoin/USDT: 38.21%
Bitcoin/USD: 35.97%
The trading volume of Bitcoin possesses the majority proportion.

4. Extra Listing on the Exchange
Listing on one of the global top exchange is ongoing positively.
We will announce once listing is confirmed.

Thank you.
Aidus Team

AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website