AIDUS Wallet System

3 min readOct 5, 2018


Recently, Big Data has become one of the core strategies of future corporations, and the kinds and amounts of personal information they collect are increasing. But how does Co-Authentication System affect the use of the wallet?

With the centralization of personal data, these companies, which store a large number of customer information, are becoming a good prey such as a honey pot for hackers, and the practice of actually being hacked is repeated over and over.

AIDUS can decentralize the Web space so that it would prevent harm.

In this regard, the AIDUS co-authentication system uses the latest Interplanetary File System (IPFS) technology.

When an investor and an asset management company ask for sign up by using ADFP’s Web service, the personal information is uploaded as a file on the IPFS by BSON (Binary JSON) serialization. At this time, only the investor or the asset management company having the provided key can browse the personal information, and then the hash value and the decryption key of the file are registered in the Smart Contract.

Co-Authentication System Structure

Now, let’s look at using of AIDUS Wallet.

ADFP provides wallet that is fully decentralized and able to trade peer-to-peer funding by using the Ethereum-based Mobile Native APP wallets and Chrome Web browser-based extension programs such as the MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

The investor can purchase the fund through the AIDUS coin. The ADIUS coin is transferred from the investor’s wallet to the asset management company’s wallet through Smart Contract. At the same time, the transaction hash information is registered in the Ethereum Network.

The asset management company acquires the authority to view the member information of the investor, and the member information of the fund can be viewed through the IPFS.But how does this affect the use of the Wallet? Let’s look at using of AIDUS Wallet.

In that way every aspect of using ADFP is protected which contributes to effective and effective investment.

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