Announcement of Token Swap Following AIDUS TOKEN Smart Contract Upgrade

2 min readJun 15, 2021

In order to protect users’ AIDUS TOKEN, the smart contract of AIDUS TOKEN has been updated due to the hacking issue of the wallet of AIDUS’ partner.

The AIDUS TOKEN swap will proceed through the following three routes:

1) in the case AIDUS TOKEN is held on Foblgate

2) in the case AIDUS TOKEN is held on BigOne and Bitsonic Exchange

3) in the case AIDUS TOKEN is held in personal wallet

1. Token Swap Schedule

1) Foblgate Exchange: (to be announced later)

2) BigOne, Bitsonic Exchange (See details below)

3) Personal external wallet (MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet etc.): Transfer completed

2. Previous AIDUS TOKEN information

1) Smart Contract: 0xa957045A12D270e2eE0dcA9A3340c340e05d4670

2) Symbol : AIDUS

3) Decimals: 18

3. Changed AIDUS TOKEN information

1) Smart Contract: 0xec5980b1361127287f64fdd41f88c75dd244cfda

2) Symbol : AIDUS

3) Decimals: 18

4. Token Swap Method

1) New AIDUS TOKEN in Foblgate will be swapped and distributed. For more details, we will inform you once again later.

2) If you have AIDUS TOKEN on the Bitsonic and BigOne exchanges, please follow the procedure below to receive a new swapped AIDUS TOKEN as the technical support has not been finalized.

① Apply for withdrawal of AIDUS TOKEN in Bitsonic/BigOne Exchange and move it to your personal wallet.

- Ex) MyEtherWallet and Trust Wallet, etc…

② After completing the transfer to your personal wallet, request AIDUS TOKEN swap via email using the information below.

- New wallet address:


- Screenshot captured to expose the amount of AIDUS TOKEN in the wallet.

- Identification ID: A photo of the ID that covers the back of the resident number.

- Send to:

③ After checking all the previous AIDUS TOKEN history using Etherscan, the new AIDUS TOKEN will be delivered to the new wallet address (address submitted by the user).

- It takes up to 3 business days. (Applications will be processed as soon as possible.)

3) The new Aidus Token has been sent to holders using personal wallet with the same quantity as before. (MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet etc.).

Thank you!

Aidus Project Team




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