Average Annual Return Ratio of Top 10 Hedge Funds is 19.89%! But AIDUS QTS’ is 99.89%!!!

BARRON’s newspaper published the information about Penta Top 100 Hedge Funds. Here is the average of 3 years Compound Annual Return Top 10 out of Top 100.

The average index of hedge funds is 19.89%.

In comparison, the annual yield average return of AIDUS QTS is 99.89%.
This statistic proves the stability and reliability of the AIDUS QTS project and shows its’ huge potential in the future.


About BARRON’s:

BARRON’s is a weekly newspaper that covers US financial information, market developments, and relevant statistics.
It was founded in 1921 by Clarence Barron of DOW JONES & COMPANY.
The newspaper was named after Clarence W. Barron, the founder of modern financial journalism. He was holding the posts of president of Dow Jones and de facto manager of The Wall Street Journal.

September 2009 Barron’s launched Penta as a new section. The section targets “pentamillionaires”, individuals with at least $5 million in assets, with financial advice.

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