Capabilities of AIDUS Coin

As was mentioned before, AIDUS Coin (AID) is one of business models, which AIDUS platform is based on.

The currency symbol of the AIDUS Coin is ‘AID’ and it’s a ERC20-based token.

And there is an interesting phenomenon in AIDUS Coin!

If you sign into a fund with the AIDUS Coin, the real money’s yield rate will be changed according to fund management.
Also, if you have the AIDUS coin, the coin’s yield rate will fluctuate as the coin’s value fluctuates.
When you have already signed into a fund, you will not be affected by the rise or fall of AIDUS Coin price, but you will be affected by yield rate of the fund that is operated in the real economy. If you just have a coin but did not sign into a fund, you will be affected by the rise or fall of coin but not related to the real economy.

But what if you estimate that the coin price falls?

You can sign into a fund and reflect the fund’s earnings, which is by the real economy.

What if the coin price rises?

When you compare the fund’s yield rate to that of the coin’s, if the fund yield is better to operate by the fund, it makes a sense to operate by the fund. Otherwise it would be better to terminate the fund and reflect earnings on the coin’s market price.
Of course, when you terminate a fund at the mid-term, you will have to pay a certain fee to the asset management company, but this is unavoidable because it is the same in the real economy, and choice is yours to decide.

As such, the AIDUS Coin is using an innovative concept of coin as the investor could choose either the coin market price or fund yield rate. Is there any other coin in the market that can maximize the profit in this manner?

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Platform!

Further information you can find through AIDUS websites:

Official website:

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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