[F.A.Q.] part 5

We picked out for you the most frequent questions about the AIDUS Project

❓How are you going to guarantee the safety of funds?

Asset security will be ensured by the use of the AIDUS co-authentication system uses the latest Interplanetary File System (IPFS) technology. When an investor and an asset management company ask for sign up by using ADFP’s Web service, the personal information is uploaded as a file on the IPFS by BSON (Binary JSON) serialization. At this time, only the investor or the asset management company having the provided key can browse the personal information, and then the hash value and the decryption key of the file are registered in the Smart Contract.

❓Are you not afraid that your project may suffer due to a drop in demand for Ethereum?

Rising and falling are normal processes for any kind of cash, including cryptocurrency. We believe that the demand and cost of the Aidus token will grow as investors purchase more AIDUS coin due to stable profitability while asset management companies must purchase AIDUS coin to return profits to investors.

❓How do you see your main consumer?

The main consumer for the AIDUS Coin using the ADFP can be defined as every individual or an institution that is wishing to proliferate their own asset volume. As such, potential buyers in the AIDUS Business is way far beyond the entire market volume of the cryptocurrency and shall basically be anyone active in the global economy.

❓What is the role of blockchain in your project?

Ethereum provides an ecosystem for the fund market that is executed on the Blockchain network. Through the distributed fund market, all transactions are conducted on the Blockchain, and all data related to the funds are stored and executed on the Blockchain network, which provides security, trust and transparency between the investor and the asset management company.

❓What are the functions of your token?

The AIDUS Coin will serve as the main currency that would be used for the signing and redemption of various fund portfolios. The platform will connect global investors with professional asset management companies, while it would supply the QTS to the asset management companies in order for them to create various high profit fund items, all aiming at truly revolutionizing and establishing a new ecosystem of global asset management market.

If you have any questions, please send it to one of our official channels:

※Telegram Chat Room operating time※
GMT: Mon. 00:00 — Fri. 24:00
USA (N.Y.): Mon. 19:00 — Fri. 19:00
Korea: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
Japan: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
China: Mon 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Singapore: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Hong Kong: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website https://aidus.io

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