Fund Contract

Fund Registration& Fund Purchasing Contract

We already knew, that the fund market needs more features than just sending tokens. The distributed fund market requires Blockchain ledger to execute more complex transactions than the basic transmitting and receiving of value. The core competence of Ethereum is Smart Contracts, which provides the ability to extensively use the Blockchain ledgers.

So now, let’s have a look at fund registration and purchasing contracts!

The one of the most important steps of every activity on ADFP is the registration.

When registering a new fund information, Smart Contract, wich is based on the Ethereum user account of the asset management company, is being used to create a new Smart Contract (CA, Contract Account) and register it in the Ethereum network.

At this time all the fund components (as the fund name, the fund type, the evaluation grade, the base price and etc.) are registered in the Ethereum network, and the owner of the Smart Contract Address of the fund becomes the asset management company who created the fund.

Fund Registration Contract Structure

Further, EVM (ETHEREUM Virtual Machine) Storage makes a structure for mapping key / value, and since both key and value use 256-bit size, various report files are uploaded to IPFS and only Hash information is registered in the Ethereum network.

Investors may purchase the funds registered by the asset management company (AMC) through Smart Contract. At this time, the investors must hold the AIDUS Coin in his/her wallet and by sending the Coin to the Smart Contract Address of the relevant fund the fund is officially purchased and settled.

When the fund is purchased, the AMC acquires the authority to view the investor’s personal information. At this time, the AMC can inquire the fund buyer’s IPFS hash information and hash information including decryption key which would enable the viewing of information through Smart Contract.

Smart Contracts provide a solution for executing commands on Blockchain network. These data can store, retrieve, and process data on the Ethereum Blockchain network and distribute code that cannot be modified once it has been deployed in the network.

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website

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