Geat Partnership of AIDUS Coin with CoinBene

Signing of the listing contract and MOU between the famous cryptocurrency exchange COINBENE and AIDUS Coin

On October 26, 2018 СOINBENE LIMITED, the world’s leading security cryptocurrency trading platform, completed the process of signing up the listing contract with AIDUS Coin that has the world’s first coin with Fundamentals. Through this, they signed MOU for using these coins as transaction currency.
According to the MOU, COINBENE LIMITED has made a pledge of active support to the development of AIDUS coins so that it become such transaction-based coin as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

From the left: AIDUS CEO David Lee / CoinBene CMO Daniel Lee / AISYS Global PTE.LTD. Founder/COO Ted Min/ CoinBene Director Bae Chikyu [Credit:]

COINBENE LIMITED is the company, which is famous for its efforts of searching for a globally validated and stable cryptocurrencies, has made the following comments prior to the signing of the contract with ‘AIDUS Coin’.

First of all, AIDUS Coin is one of the cryptocurrencies which is available for immediate use. It is also the best platform developed according to the original purposes of the Blockchain technologies and it definitely complies with the conditions of the existing cryptocurrency market such as decentralization and security encryption.

In addition, analysis of the factors of value increase shows that this platform applies such basic market principals as principal of demand and supply which are implemented under common market logic principal with a real currency. Therefore, it can be said that AIDUS coin has enough value to become one of the world’s three largest trading currencies in the future.

The AIDUS Coin is the most powerful platform in the asset management market that can break down regional, monetary and language barriers. In addition, the annual yield of FUNDs operating through QTS (Quant Trading System) is phenomenal — 98.85% (notarized through attorney’s office and international accounting firm). Based on this fact, the AIDUS Coin will bring a great wave of change in the global asset management market.

“We believe, that if AIDUS Coin matches standard requirements, it will also have a sufficient value in terms of utilization as ‘transaction currency’. In addition to the listing contract on the related exchange, we have also signed up a MOU about mutual cooperation in order to use AIDUS Coin as the ‘transaction currency”.said the representative of COINBENE LIMITED.

On the other hand, the goal of signing up of MOU between two companies was to turn AIDUS coin into a coin with transaction value through which (as Bitcoin and Ethereum) it would be possible to purchase other coins in the future. This plan is expected to be the world’s first such kind of development plan for Altcoin. Through this MOU, COINBENE LIMITED has made a pledge of active support for AIDUS Coin.
AIDUS Coin is scheduled to be listed in February 2019. COINBENE LIMITED has also promised to support a variety of mutual cooperation, various promotional and marketing activities.

Moreover, COINBENE LIMITED intends to take part in “AIDUS MEET-UP IN HONG KONG FOR INVESTOR OF AIDUS” event which will be held in Hong Kong, November 9 (Friday).
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Publication date: 31.10.2018 18:49

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