Important Notice about QTS Stability

📆On January 3, 2019, FOREX had shocking event.

Ⅰ. FOREX BIG MARKET MOVEMENT — Dec 3rd, 2018 - Jan 3rd, 2019


One-side market plunge can generate serious trading risk and high market volatility.

This could happen every couple of years

The earning rate of AIDUS QTS during this period:

Ⅲ. QTS Performance Report

  1. Monthly Report (Dec 3rd, 2018 ~ Jan 3rd, 2019)

1) Account Information
▪️ Iron FX.
▪️ Account Number : 3268274

2) Total Earning
▪️ +US$78,051.04/ Month 📈

2. Daily Report ( Jan 3rd, 2019 / On the day of the event )

1) Account Information
▪️ Iron FX.
▪️ Account Number : 3268274

2) Total Earning
▪️ +US$13,784.97/ One Day

Ⅳ. Related Press Releases. — pointing out the huge market impact.

US Session Forex Brief, Jan 3 — Markets Calm Down After the Storm

Last night, the financial markets went through a small crash. It was surprising to wake up and see that GBP/USD had dived 150 pips lower, AUD/USD had lost more than 250 pips while the champion, USD/JPY had crashed nearly 5 cents lower. European stock markets opened with a bearish gap lower, so something had happened during the night.

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V. Related Press Releases — pointing out the huge market impact

Forex Signals Brief for Jan 3: Will the Flash Crash Weigh Down Markets?

It has been a wild start to the day on forex markets, after what has been described as another flash crash.

In early Asian trade, the JPY pairs all started crashing lower, with most down 3–5% over the course of a few minutes. The exact cause of the crash is still unknown, however, the moves came on the back of concerns around China and a soft market update from AAPL.

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Despite the situation, AIDUS made profit within 1.3% yesterday according to the QTS (ATS). This report shows stable profit of AIDUS QTS in spite of the sudden market fluctuation causing great risk to asset management.

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

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