Launch of Aidus Wealth Management Event on BigONE, 12% Annualized Interest in USDT

AIDUS will launch a series of wealth management events with an annualized interest rate of 12% in USDT in the form of 7-day and 30-day fixed-term deposits on BigONE Exchange starting from June 1, 2020.

To commemorate the launch of Wealth Management Event, the standard price of Aidus Token will be 0.005USDT during the event.

Investment Example:
Let’s assume the price of Aidus Token is 0.0025USDT when joining the wealth management event. As the interest is reflected by the event standard price 0.005USDT, thus user could receive 24% of interest rate instead of 12%.

If the price of Aidus Token is higher than 0.005USDT, the price will be reflected on the market price at the time.


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