QTS Operation and Profit Model

QTS — Quant Trading System

QTS is a system operated through collecting and analyzing big data for the past 30 years. It has undergone 15 years of research and development and has been commercialized three years ago.

QTS is based on the structure that the asset management company should first be in a contractual relationship on the AIDUS platform to, then, have a separate agreement and contract with the AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD.

QTS Contract Flow

The picture above describes QTS Contract flow.
It is necessary to enter into the AIDUS platform to use the QTS. The asset management company can’t use the QTS if doesn’t want to. Or can generate a fund linked to QTS such as bond or stock. However, when the contract is made, the accurate investment amount should be confirmed and then be operated.

📊 Management Fee — 2% of initial investment amount

📊 Performance Fee — 20%-30% of investment profit

The above fees are slightly lower than the average management commission fees of other asset management companies, and may be adjusted depending on the situation.

In addition, since QTS operation is operated by AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD. regardless of ICO, fees and usage rights are subject to the policy of AISYS GLOBAL PTE. LTD.

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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website https://aidus.io

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