The QTS Yield Is Notarized in North America… Market Momentum Based On Transparency

👤Ahn Hee-chan
Publish date: 18.04.2019 10:29:46
Origianl Article:

AISYS Global (CEO — David Chen, Singapore), which operates QTS, announced on 18th of April, that it had completed a monthly rate-of-return verification contract with an accounting firm — PKF O’Connor Davis (PKF), which had its main office in New York, USA.

The notarized contract was conducted after a thorough review by the PKF for two months. Particularly, they have not only verified returns, but they also verified the personalities of key executives, including CEO — David Chen. Since last year in Korea, AISYS Global has been receiving QTS rate certification every week through domestic accounting firms and lawyers.

📊The yield of QTS has reached 74.06% over the past three years and six months, which is close to twice that of the world ‘s top 10 hedge funds over the past three years.

PKF plans to certify 12 accounts operated by QTS directly and notify the monthly rate of return. It will be announced on the website of AISYS Global and PKF respectively.

AISYS Global official said:
“After completing the contracts related to the US accounting firm PKF and QTS notarization, it has become possible to get credibility from US investors and global investor’s side. The investment agreement with US family offices and large investment institutions will be completed soon”.

In particular, we expect to gain momentum in the global business including North America. QTS and ADFP (AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform) business are expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Meanwhile, PKF, which is responsible for QTS notarization, is an accredited accounting and advisory company and is recognized as leader in the field of “audit and accounting” as being one of the ‘fastest 10 companies’ ranked 28th among ‘the top 100 companies in 2017’.

PKF is a legally independent accounting and advisory firm with over 440 locations in more than 150 countries around the world.🌎

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