🎆There’s upcoming New Year of 2019🎆

❄️There’s upcoming New Year of 2019!! ❄️

And first of all we wanted to thank all of our followers for their support and belief. 😊
Our main focus in 2019 is to continue to provide the same (and better) quality service and to improve experience through our passion for AIDUS project.
We have some amazing events lined up and we hope you will be part of them!

🎄Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year filled with health, happiness and success!🎄

P.S.Take care of your investments in 2019 with AIDUS Project 😉

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

If you have any questions, please send it to one of our official channels:

※Telegram Chat Room operating time※
GMT: Mon. 00:00 — Fri. 24:00
USA (N.Y.): Mon. 19:00 — Fri. 19:00
Korea: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
Japan: Mon. 09:00 — Sat. 09:00
China: Mon 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Singapore: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00
Hong Kong: Mon. 08:00 — Sat. 08:00

You can leave your comment down below 👇

AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website https://aidus.io

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