<<Weekly Report, SEASON 2>>
[The Change of AIDUS QTS Return Ratio until March 20, 2020]


Despite the global financial instability, Aidus QTS still have the following result:

Average cumulative return 17.13%
Average weekly return 10.88%
Average Annual IRR 33.44%

This document was notarized by PKF O`CONNOR DAVIES in the US.

1. Performance of QTS (excellence)

1) Upgrade period of QTS development and performance: about 20 years.
2) Investment amount: about USD 16 Million
3) The start date of the first QTS data’s recording: June 18, 2015
4) Performance of the 1st account on QTS Season 1:
Start Date: June 18, 2015
Exit Date: September 1, 2019
Investment ratio: 280.8% return rate.
50 months average: 66.0% return.
5) Global market trends in comparison with QTS.
Barron’s 3 Year Top 100 Hedge Fund: No1. MMCAP (37.24%).
The average performance of 10 accounts under QTS is 84.98%. Therefore, it is more than twice as high as MMCAP, which is one of Baron’s leading companies.

2. Stability of QTS

1) Three major foreign exchange unfavorable conditions of 2016 year
Brexit: GBP / JPY (2,700) ☞ QTS yield + 29.6% ↑
Hard Brexit: GBP / JPY (1,400) ☞ QTS yield + 9.2% ↑
US presidential election: USD / JPY (1,500) ☞ QTS yield + 8.5% ↑
2) January 3, 2019 foreign exchange market fluctuation “panic”.

01.03.2019 Foreign exchange: GBP / JPY (900) ☞ QTS yield + 1.3% ↑

Most of the foreign exchange dealers suffer losses when large unfavorable conditions happen at the foreign exchange markets. At that time, QTS, which is the core technology of our AIDUS project, demonstrates its value as indicated with the above index. Using the comparison with the current trends, we have shown, how the QTS stable is in terms of making profit, even under unfavorable market conditions.

3. Transparency of QTS

1) From August 18 till March 19. Weekly notarized from Korean lawyers and accountants.

2) From April 19th till now. Notarized from the 28th US accounting firm — PKF O’CONNER DAVIES.

3) Notarized data and daily transaction details are placed on the official AISYS GLOBAL website.

List of official AIDUS channels
Official website: aidus.io
Facebook: facebook.com/AIDUSofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/AIDUSofficial
Reddit: reddit.com/user/AIDUSofficial
Medium: medium.com/@AIDUSofficial
Youtube: youtube.com/AIDUSchannel



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AIDUS is a decentralized platform established upon the Ethereum network to serve as a professional asset management platform. Official website https://aidus.io