Apr 25, 2019

3 min read

«Weekly Report» The Change of AIDUS QTS Profit Rate (19.04)

Every week there would be an up-to-date information about QTS rate of change. This document was notarized by law firm and accounting firm.

QTS is a system operated through collecting and analyzing big data for the past 30 years.

📈The highest ROC is +2.18%. Therefore, estimated total per year would be 121.1%

📊 Summarising all the 11 accounts we have the following results:
Average Cumulative return is 173.66% and Average Annual IRR would be 87.58%


📈 Cumulative return: 279.98%
📝 Average Rate of Change:
💰 Average earning:
USD 164,699.13

You can fimd more information about AIDUS QTS Report HERE!

Keep paying attention on QTS weekly rate changes!

Keep paying attention on AIDUS Project!

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