«Weekly Report» The Change of AIDUS QTS Profit Rate (26.04)

3 min readApr 30, 2019


Every week there would be an up-to-date information about QTS rate of change. This document was notarized by law firm and accounting firm.

QTS is a system operated through collecting and analyzing big data for the past 30 years.

In the report would be the following statements:
Return profit is the return rate from fund’s starting date until 14th September.
Rate of change per week (ROC) is return rate for one week.
Annual IRR is return rate that change ‘Return Profit’ by annual rate.

📈The highest ROC is +0.44%. Therefore, estimated total per year would be 121.3%

📊 Summarising all the 11 accounts we have the following results:
Average Cumulative return is 173.76% and Average Annual IRR would be 86.55%


📈 Cumulative return: 280.13%
📝 Average Rate of Change: +16.48%
💰 Average earning: USD164,788.02

Website : https://www.pkfod.com/
Headquarters: Harrison, NY
Year Founded: 1891
Company Type: Partnership
Size: 501~1000 people.
Specialty: Audit, Compliance, Financial reporting, Internal control reviews, Information technology systems, Consulting, Personal and estate planning, Tax,Exempt organization tax, Wealth Services, Accounting, Business advisory, Family office.

You can fimd more information about AIDUS QTS Report HERE!

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